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As Democrats, we believe that every person in this nation should be treated with dignity and respect. Our Democratic Club of Hot Springs Village is working to build a bright future for everyone. We are fighting for the soul of our country, for the heart of our democracy, and for America’s place as the land of opportunity for all. We invite you to attend one of our upcoming events to learn more about our Club and how you can get involved.

The Democratic Club of Hot Springs Village

“In a democracy, every citizen, regardless of his interest in politics, 'holds office'; every one of us is in a position of responsibility; and, in the final analysis, the kind of government we get depends upon how we fulfill those responsibilities.

John F. Kennedy

The Arkansas Period Poverty Project

The Democratic Club of Hot Springs Village are asking our members to help support this important donation drive lead by the Liberal Ladies of Hot Springs Village. A box to store donated items will be available at our Jan 26 Business Meeting.  We will also take cash donations to purchase the needed supplies. Please see Nancy Jag-Nathan or Becky Babineaux regarding this project or more info about the Liberal Ladies. Read below to learn about this important initiative for girls in AR. 


The Liberal Ladies of Hot Springs Village are participating this year in the Arkansas Period Poverty Project (APPP), an organization seeking to end period poverty and promote menstrual equity through donations, education, and legislation. It provides feminine hygiene products to schools and other organizations to provide for those in need.


The Arkansas legislature passed HB1611 which requires schools to provide free hygiene products for girls who cannot afford them, but according to APPP, this bill is not being enforced. In addition, there is no provision in the bill that provides for after school hours, weekends, holidays or summer vacation.

More information is available online at

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